Rescue an Animal...Save a Spirit



Peace for Ponies is a non-profit, 501c3 rescue for animals in MA

Having started out as a rescue for pregnant mini-horses, our organization has grown to include donkeys, rabbits, birds, tortoises...and many other animals as well. Can you tell we just love our animal friends?

We Have Three Goals:

First Line of Rescue

We do our very best to rescue and care for those who come to us ourselves, or try to find others to care for them.  We do everything possible in an effort to get any animal away from abusive situations or when we find them abandoned and uncared for. We know it "takes a village" and we appreciate immensely, everyone who helps us attain our goals.

Develop New Fosters

We will work with people, one at a time, to become a foster.  This will include training you, helping you to file your 501c3 papers and assist you in your fundraising efforts for the first year to ensure that you will become a successful foster.

Educate Through Programs

We understand fully what it takes to gentle these poor animals in order to have them trust and love again.  We want to impart that knowledge to the children in the area.


We Rely Completely on Fundraising and Donations


We know our dedicated community. Though we will plan events, it is all of you rallying around our cause, who enable us to help these beautiful ponies and other animals.


We hold yard sales, bake sales and other events, create naming contests for our new rescues and reach out to you all in an effort to help our little guys. Every single penny raised goes directly to the care, training and keep of these beautiful animals to their "Forever Homes". 


To learn more about what we do, Click Here.

Please Click Here to see how YOU can help save these beautiful animals.

Check out our LIVE web cam. You might catch a baby being born!

Michelle Carr's students from Northeastern University have graciously created this beautiful video about who we are, what we do and why we do it.

 We are grateful to have been granted a Community Fund Grant to build a classroom. 

Peace For Poniess is a humane, no kill animal rescue, foster placement and adoption shelter in East Wareham, MA - Serving the South Coast, South Shore and Cape Cod Massachusetts area.