Check out these adorable little animals that are the teachers at Peace for Ponies. They are all ready or getting ready to find their forever homes. They are reminders of your kindness because when you adopt one you become a Rescue Warrior. These adorable hand made animals are a delight and remind us of the value of giving. They are wonderful to teach children to rescue and also to allow for Random Acts of Kindness.


By Adopting a adoptable you support more animals being rescued in many ways. Peace for Ponies Animal Rescue is not only a rescue but they also teach people how to save animals through their online web page, their live web cams and their events. Each adoptable comes with a certificate confirming you are a Rescue Warrior and a adoption contract. You must agree to take good care of your adoptable.

Adoption fee for 1 adoptable is a $20.00 donation. Click the donate button below.