Portraits & Caricatures

What a great gift to yourself or as a gift to others! Have someone you love immortalized in a portrait or caricature. It can be fun or serious, you choose – I guarantee it will make you smile. To learn more about our artists, Anita and Noa, read below.  You will also find examples of their artwork. You are welcome to add on to what we offer by sending them an e-mail and deciding on the price. You will receive a high resolution Jpeg file, which means you can put it on your phone or have cards made, use it as a screen saver and do so many things with your original artwork!
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Noa Teplow Juarez
 I have been drawing from a very young age. I was born in Israel and grew up in California, where I took many art classes. I was a shy child, and art always helped me connect with people around me. My parents always supported and encouraged my passion for art. They generously allowed me to attend the Rhode Island School of Design. Majoring in printmaking, I drew caricatures on the side to pay my rent while at school. Some of my early drawing experience included RISD student sales, volunteering to draw kids at Hasbro Children’s Hospital, and drawing families at the Big Top Flea Market and Roger Williams Park Carousel. One day, a parent asked me if I do parties, and I said, “I’ve never done one, but I’d be willing to try.” Since that first gig, I’ve enjoyed and learned from every event I’ve done.  
 I truly enjoy drawing faces, and I’ll never get bored of it because each face is unique. I love being the focal point of the party, using my gift of drawing to entertain, amaze and inspire. Knowing the drawings will be taken home and enjoyed by family members is very fulfilling to me. After all, what is more beautiful to someone than a person or pet they love? Even if I never have art hung in a museum or gallery, I will be satisfied knowing my work is in thousands of homes being enjoyed daily.  
To show each person that they are unique, valuable and beautiful just as they are. I strive to bring out everyone’s true beauty in my portraits, without exaggerating too much. My goal is to enhance every gathering and event by providing entertainment and unforgettable party favors through my portraits.  
Samples of Noa's Artwork below - hover and click arrows on the sides to view all.
Anita Bozelli
Hi.... my name is Anita Marie Bozelli, but I have always been called Nita. 
To say Art has always been the driving force in my life, is an understatement. Oh, I have other interests too, my beloved horse Jill, two silly cows named LuLu and Moo, and a floppy love able Beagle named Holly. What  a daily inspiration to pick up a paintbrush, with these critters around. 😁
I grew up always doodling funny characters, some a little serious, but they always took on a light hearted look. I think my first creation was...now don't laugh... I drew a germ that would be left on a hand washed dish plate! And behold..won my mother a new dishwasher for Mothers Day! 😁 I just knew my ship had come in! 😂 Anyway, from there on, all through High School it was Art that was my only interest. 
 I married young, became a Marine Wife, and for 24 years moved all over the country and abroad. During all of our tours, I still pursued my interest, entering Art galleries, College Art and private classes, of which to this day, you find you can never learn too much. I started selling my art, but I was quiet about letting it be known and to a fault I am at times. I have found most Artists are quiet humble people, an unusual bred with unique characters. I have met some really wonderful people thru the years and value their friendship and opinions that have helped me very much.
I am single now at this time in my life...I continue to push on, living and creating an imaginary world of fun and color. My real world is a quiet place in the country on a few acres of land where it is just that... quiet, colorful and full of inspiration. Wild life everywhere, from deer, fox, and on occasion a skunk or two. 🙀 And one particular day... oh yes.....I had three bears in my back pasture! Now there was something to get excited about and get creative! I never know what will take place in my imagination, on any particular day. Whether it is animals, people..or it could be just an animated object! That is why I call my creations ... My Whimsical 🌎 World.
I work from exact good, clear photos only, it is in the best interest for you. Better photo, better painting.
Samples of Nita's Artwork below - hover and click arrows on the sides to view all.
Black and White Line Drawing:
Head $20 / Full Body $30
Black and White Detailed Line Drawing:
Head $55 / Full Body $75
Grayscale Detailed Line Drawing:
Head $70/ Full Body $90
Color Portrait:
Head $75 / Full Body $100
Add a person or animal or background:
8.5x11 Print:
Because this is your creation, you can e-mail the artist with any additions or special requests you might like. 
Click the Artist below to make your selections for your custom art, then pay. After payment has been applied, you will receive an email from artist with further details about where to send your photo and any additional instructions. Allow 6 weeks for delivery.