Firelight was born here and is a very brave and bold boy. He is Starlight's foal. He left his mom's side when he was a couple days old and has always been kinda on his own. He does not mind being locked in the barn by himself he does not even call to his mom for help. He is a very fast boy and loves to play with his toys. He will go to a forever home when he is weaned and his mom will find a home with a child to love her.


He has delighted us with his bold character and independence. He loves to play and is willing to do anything and is not afraid of anything. Loves the hose and will walk into a spray, loves to play ball and swing the ropes and other toys he has. He will need to be gelded and there is a $500 adoption fee and contract. If you are interested PM us or email us at


Please share him so he can find the perfect home. His Mom is Starlight - she is an appy but I do not believe his dad was, as he is very solid color. He was born with a shimmering gray color but now he has gone to reddish brown to dark brown to almost black. His mom is dark gray.