Let Us Help You Become a Foster

Aside from being a rescue and providing initial rescue for our animals, Peace for Animals works with fosters, one at a time. We support them in obtaining their own 501c3 and assist them in getting their own programs up and running. Our goal is to support others in their efforts to save animals. We will help them with their initial fundraising efforts to ensure that they will have the money to feed and are of their rescue.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, past fosters for supporting our animals. As we know, it takes a village.
Read some of their stories below...
Mills River

Our "Sister Farm", Mills River, has been in existence for about 14 years. They like to refer to their privately owned farm as "a Little Piece of Heaven ".


They have taken in abused and unwanted animals, as well as having an open door to any chickens or ducks who are in need of placement. They even took in two cows who were rejected by their mothers and were ready to be put down by the farmers. They see one of them at the fair every year living a happy and healthy life.

In addition to giving shelter to these beautiful creatures they have helped to turn around some very anti-social behaviors coming from their abusive circumstances.

Eventually they hope to become their own small rescue...by making just one save at at a time.

Jem Equestrian
Jem Equestrian is a beautiful 18 acre farm right in the middle of cranberry bogs.  With its 7 stall barn, they were recently able foster two new geldings we had recently rescued.
Meghan Kelly, the owner has a love of donkeys that started with Apple Jack. She got him from a friend who saved him in an auction, nursed him back to health and kept him for several years. Meghan had previously worked with a lot of animals but never donkeys and instantly fell in love.
"They are such amazing animals and so many go through action, it's sad." she said. "I am lucky enough now to have my own barn and hope to be able to foster any donkeys in need until they find their forever home."
She brings her animals to help fund raise for different events as well as some party events. Her long term goals for the barn are to become a small boarding facility and, of course, to always be able to foster those in need.
We thank Meghan for her assistance with the Geldings.
Foster or adopt animals needing rescue at our shelter in MA

Bella went to Serenity Farm

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Serenity Farms (who is has now their own 501c3 farm) who not only took in Bella, but many other of our rescue animals

The photos below show Promise, the way we found her, and Promise, after Willows End Farm's fostering

Jelly Bean (bottom right), Who was saved from the MSPA, gave birth to Bella Bam Beana, went to Willows End Farm

Marley was rescued by Peace for Ponies.

She was then fostered, adopted and is now living happily in Sandwich MA