Meet the Animals

Miniature Horses


Hillary also was sold by a kill buyer and she was said to have been with a little pinto stallion. She was very soured when she came to us and she did not care about anything but food. She has turned into the head of the herd and the awesome and fearless protector of all. A kill pen is a place that auctions off horses and other animals. If not sold at auction, the animal is sold to meat buyers for slaughter instead. We adopted Hillary in August and got her in with a foster home. She then came here to have her baby. We have learned that she is the lead/head mare of the herd, which explains her dominant behaviors. She was put out with the new baby - having taught the baby to listen carefully, while also teaching the donkeys to be nice. She is now happy to allow a scratch, as she continues to warm up to us humans.







William is our Donkey mascot, he is a donkey endowed with quite a unique and peculiar personality. He arrived in utero. We saved Gracie, his mom, and she had Pretzel by her side, her baby. Gracie was one of the worst cases I have rescued. She kicked at everything to protect herself, even her baby, and it took months just to get near her. It’s obvious she had something very terrible happen to her in her past, but she is now a sweet soul living with Mamie, Ben’s mom, and Granny, Moon shadow’s mom. William is our mascot due to his powerful personality.






Ben is now a little over a year old, and he was born here. His mom Mamie was rescued with two baby boy donkeys. As she had taken them on, we decided to take her too. She gave birth to Ben and is living with William’s and Moon Shadow’s mom.







Sophia came to us at about 4 months old. She was bought for a grandmother who lived in a trailer where animals weren’t allowed outside. Because of the wood floors Sophia was continually spraying as she grew bigger, we eventually got the call that Grandma could no longer keep her. Within two weeks, she had adapted to her new surroundings, was sitting on command and she now is able to do twirls and hunt Cheerios.




Mystery is an Angora rabbit who was found in a small plastic bag in a trash can in the Stop & Shop supermarket parking lot. She had been in it for a very long time. She was urine soaked, had a urinary infection, eye infection and was too young to be away from her mother. When the dog officer was called, it was determined that no one would take her, so we did. Since then, she has become our therapy bunny and she has blossomed into an amazing creature, bringing both comfort and love to those who are lucky enough to handle her.



Fiona was from a couple who didn’t have the time needed for her. Fiona comes with her rabbit hutch.


The Chickens

We recently received four chicks from a friend who had fertile eggs. One of our hens sat on them and they hatched into beautiful chickens. Now full grown, they have joined our flock. We also have just rebuilt the chicken enclosure. Special thanks goes to Clark Home Improvements and our wonderful tribe who made it possible.