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The Name Game

Hello everyone! It’s time to name this Boy!

Let the Name Game begin...

This young Jack has had a rough start. His mom and he were rescued from the pens and shortly after she died. He was cared for by a foster and eventually adopted out.   The person who had fostered him heard he was not being cared for and purchased him. She gelded him and got him the care he needed to heal and put him out with her herd. He is two now and he needs to move on with his life. When she heard that I was looking for a friend she contacted me. 

This boy has been gelded and needs to get here so his cost will be about $900 to get him here to be adopted out with Dasher. He will be going to The Hay Barn for a few days to meet Dasher and be handled together with him and then they will be going for a trial in an amazing place. This boy is two so he will be able to handle the little one and Dasher will learn manners. This guy needs a friend forever after losing his mom they will never be seperated. They will have a wonderful stall and 1-acre paddock to play in. We always do a six week trial but I am sure he is blessed to be adopted by  It is also close by Christine Wilson.

O my, join us on their journey to an awesome new life. 

What Will His Name Be?

Here's How To Play the Name Game.
It's as EASY as 1-2-3...

1. Decide on a name of your choice. Decide how many votes you will give to that name. Each dollar you donate gives you 1 vote for that name. For example, a $5. donation gives you 5 votes for the name you choose


2.  Click on the Donate button below, then type in your donation amount in the form.  You can use your own Paypal account OR scroll down and click to use your credit card.

*IMPORTANT* Type your Favorite Name for the new donkey into the "write a note (Optional) space". Then click the Donate button.

3. Click on this link to go to our Facebook page every night after 6 P.M. EST to see what name totals are for day. Good luck!

Your name choice and donation information will be sent via email to Peace for Ponies.

A receipt for your tax deductible donation will be emailed directly to you.

Each night for one week we will list all of the names and how many votes that name received on our Facebook page.


Let the Name Game begin!


Peace for Ponies is a nonprofit rescue organization. We rely on your donations & fundraising activities to save and care for our animals. Help us continue our work saving animals and finding them "forever" homes. Thank you!