Our First Precious

This is the story of our first rescue.

You see her here just as we found her, tied up in a barn, pregnant and alone as they had taken her friend away from her - to what fate we do not know.

We brought her home and started showering her with love and attention...but that took time. In the early stages, she would not let anyone near her. Understandably so, as she had never known the gentle touch of love.

We gentled her to the point where she began to hear our loving and comforting words and eventually allowed us to touch her. As she trusted us more and more, we began helping her extend beyond herself to the point where she is now a companion for a Therapy Mini living her life with a wonderful family.


We bet you're wondering how she got her name!


Nope, we didn't give it to her. We held our first Name Game where everyone had the opportunity to chose a name, donate $1 for each vote for that name.  At the contest's end, the name with the most votes was bestowed upon our beautiful rescue pony...and the name Precious could not have been more fitting.

Please follow our Facebook Page and we will announce any new Name Games that we are holding on that page.

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