The Peace for Ponies Team

Board Members

Kendra Bond, Debra Hickey, Laurel Josselyn, Denise Mattson



Our Current Volunteers

Andrea, Carol, Cheryl, Christine, David, Deb, Debbie, Denise, Eric, Jennifer, Jessica, Laurie,
Linda, Lori, Melissa, Pamela, Paul, Ris, Tiffany



Alternative Therapy Volunteers

​Peace For Ponies is very honored to have people who volunteer to perform healing work for the animals. We are very grateful to those individuals who have given their time and shared their gifts.



Maria Silva

Maria Silva is a Healer, Animal Communicator, and Medium who lives on beautiful Cape Cod. Often called the "healer of healers" by other practitioners, her abilities transform Humans and Animals on a soul level freeing them to expand into their full potential. As a Reiki Master and Emotion Code Practitioner, clients say her healing work is intensely deep. Her Photography is also another venue acting like a visual meditation taking the viewer on a healing journey. Photographs can be seen on her social media platforms. Maria conducts sessions in person and remotely to meet client needs.


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