Hillary also was sold by a kill buyer and she was said to have been with a little pinto stallion. She was very soured when she came to us and she did not care about anything but food. She has turned into the head of the herd and the awesome and fearless protector of all. A kill pen is a place that auctions off horses and other animals. If not sold at auction, the animal is sold to meat buyers for slaughter instead. We adopted Hillary in August and got her in with a foster home. She then came here to have her baby. We have learned that she is the lead/head mare of the herd, which explains her dominant behaviors. She was put out with the new baby - having taught the baby to listen carefully, while also teaching the donkeys to be nice. She is now happy to allow a scratch, as she continues to warm up to us humans.




Fiona was from a couple who didn’t have the time needed for her.


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