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Peace for Ponies recently saved this white baby donkey. He was taken from his mom when she was shipped to slaughter and he was thrown away. A kind woman took him in and got him well enough to come to us. He arrives thin, with a matted coat and a distant stare. He has awakened and is being integrated with the other donkeys. We rely on your kind donations to continue to save more like him. This is a very wonderful way for you to help us.

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Peace for Ponies T-Shirt  has our logo and motto, "Saving one life at a time" beautifully displayed on the back.

Peace for Ponies saves all kinds of animals check out our "Those we have saved" slideshow on our home page,

There are so many ways to help in supporting our efforts to help animals in need. When we join together with others and do something like saveing an animal it is not only a sacred act but also gives us the opportunity to have worth.

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