The Honeybee Book Fundraiser

We are so excited that Honey Bee, the popular little Instagram mini horse at Whimsy of Willows Farm, is helping Peace For Ponies save animals with her cute new book book... I'm Honey Bee Come Read With Me.  

A donation, through the button above, of $25  with a shipping address in the continental United States will qualify you for a free copy of the book as a thank you gift for your donation to Peace For Ponies .


If you have a shipping address in Canada or the United Kingdom a donation of $35 will include a free copy as a thank you gift. 


Please contact us if you have a shipping address is in countries other than stated  with regards to a donation amount that may include the Honey Bee Come Read With Me book as a donation incentive gift  (as we would love to include you ) .


If you have any questions with ordering please contact  Honey Bee and she will be happy to walk you through the process  :)

You can also visit HONEY BEE on her blog at or see her on the very popular Instagram site @whimsyofwillowsfarm.

To see super fun reviews on the book from parents , teachers, and the general public visit the hashtag  #honeybeefundraiser on Instagram.

About the Book :

I'm Honey Bee Come Read with Me is a 21 page,  8.5 inch by 8.5 inch, soft cover, very upbeat, happy vibe , rhyming story verse  children's book .


The book contains beautiful glossy photo's of the cutest little miniature horse, Honey Bee, doing really funny stuff  with a really sweet story .  


The reviews have been super and everyone thinks this little book is entirely magical . 


Although it's a children's book we are finding that grown ups love the book just as much as the kids ! 

A message from Honey Bee :

Hi I'm Honey Bee a cute little miniature horse with a BIG personality. Some of you may know me from my appearances on the popular Instagram gallery @whimsyofwillowsfarm , where I have become a tiny star  bringing smiles to many!


I love bringing smiles which is why , along with the help of my favorite human, I wrote a book !

I'm so happy my book brings so much joy and is such a fun read . It is kid tested parent, teacher and library approved .


Speaking of Library's ... I'm Honey Bee Come Read with Me, is now registered with the Library of Congress. Yes , I'm feeling proud!


I really wanted to pay it forward by helping other animals that need to be saved, so I donated Peace For Ponies Rescue Project rights to copy my book as gift incentive for their donations fundraiser for an entire year from May 1, 2017 to May 1, 2018 . 

How fortunate I feel to to be able to share how happy I am living on a fun farm where I am adored and loved and all my little horsey needs are met !  


I have happily lived on Whimsy of Willows Farm since 2007.

Sadly not all animals have a caring home where their needs are being met , many have it very rough and are in need of being saved from dire situations. Animals that need to be saved often wait  helplessly for caring people to step in and provide them with a better life and or save them from the life they are living . I once knew this first hand that is why  I am helping with raising money for Peace For Ponies Projects to save animals !

Although I did not  write about my sad days in my book , I think you should know  I  was once a little horse that needed to be saved ...


In 2006 I, and several other herd mates were  malnourished and suffering from severe neglect at the hands of people that were not caring for us. It was a very sad time in my life and several of my herd mates perished before our situation was brought to light and good people stepped in to save us.


 I was one of the lucky ones that made it through and after much rehab and vet care in a rescue facility I was healthy enough to be adopted and felt so fortunate when I found my forever home at Whimsy of Willows Farm .  


I am now a well rounded , happy go lucky girl, and couldn't ask for more love and attention from everyone that meets me . Life is now so good.

Please let's all try to make life good for other animals that need to be saved too . 

Your donations will help PEACE FOR PONIES save animals.


The button for making a donation that "includes the book" is at the top of this page . Please remember to INCLUDE your  mailing address in the notations when ordering ,so the book arrives :) Also note the number of books you are donating for so  that we include them all . 

Thank you for caring and thank you for your donations to Peace For Ponies where all proceeds help save animals!


Love to you all,  Honey Bee  

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