Up For Adoption

  • We have a contract and we are glad to send it to you if you are interested. 

  • We have an adoption fee and that depends on the animal be adopted out.

  • We have a 6-week trial to make sure they like you.

  • We want to know how they are and what they are doing.

  • We are here for you... we have your back. 

  • Go to our FB page Peace for Ponies and watch all the videos. 




Brian came with his mom Sadee. He is about 8 or 9 months old. He got sick in the pens and spent time in the hospital when he was a couple of months old. He recovered very quickly but still needs his mom for another month before he can be weaned. He is very special. You can see his videos on our Facebook page - Peace for Ponies. He will be adopted out with a new donkey we call Freshey.


161144826234162769 3.jpeg



Freshey is also a weanling but he is a bit older and did not have a mom that reprimanded him, so he was a brat when he came here. He came up from TX  with Honey's group with his mom and it was thought he was a she. He became a handful and needed to come and learn manners from our teachers William and Ben, our resident donkeys. He has come so far and is walking on a lead and has manners. He and Brian will be an awesome match. I am not sure he will be white because he has gray hair underneath. We shall see when he sheds he may be spotted. These are babies - so they will need someone who knows how to train donkeys or are willing to learn. They should be ready by March to be adopted out together. 



Meet Sadee - she is a large standard jenny who needs an experienced person when she is ready. She will be going to a trainer. She is Brian's mom. She left QT sweet to go to the hospital and came back fearful and angry. She needs time, so we are planning for her to go to a trainer. She is very sweet now and follows me everywhere but she acts feral. 



This Jenny found herself in the kill pen with a baby. Peace for Ponies had saved a Jenny who had to go to the hospital and we thought that mom and baby would not come up for months. So we saved her and her baby. It is a good thing that we pulled them when we did because the other baby that was in the pen with his momma with them died three days later. Two days later this poor girl was in the hospital with Chester. He was so depleted that he was dying, his potassium level was extremely low and he was not nursing. They arrived a few weeks ago and they are both ready to be weaned. Baby Chester will be going with another donkey to a sanctuary that is just awesome. She is very sweet but needs to decompress from being a donkey in a herd. It is such a great loss, it takes time for them to readjust. She could also go to a foster if there was someone who would like to work with her. She is so awesome. 

If you would like to know more, send me a message or call me at 508-295-7637 on the farm land line.